My girl,  Lindsey, is 13 today.  I love this girl.  God has blessed me.

Here she is with her cello. She’s been playing the violin for a few years and in December decided to switch.  Doesn’t she look sweet with that cello? And so grown up. My older daughter. Kelsey,  posted the sweetest thing on her Facebook page this morning. Here’s what she wrote:

“Thirteen years ago I prayed to God that I could have a brother or a sister. He blessed me with a wonderful little sister. I am very blessed that we were the ones chosen to adopt her into our family. I love her with all my heart. HAPPY 13TH BIRTHDAY LINDSEY ANNE!!!”

God answered my prayers when he sent me both of my girls. My heart is full.

I will post a picture of the birthday card I made her – soon. It’s 11:10 PM and birthdays wear me out!